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Quality interpreting is vital for the success of any international event, whether a seminar, conference, negotiations, workshop or press conference. This can only be achieved by employing experienced and reliable interpreters.

The various options we offer are as follows :

Simultaneous interpretation

Participants listen to presentations and discussions in real time via headphones. Interpreters work in pairs in sound-proof booths. Interpreters take turns at the microphone, working for around 30-minutes at a time before changing over. Simultaneous interpreting is the ideal solution for congresses, conferences, and other meetings with large numbers of participants, and requires specific equipment (interpreting booth or portable “bidule” system).

Consecutive interpretation

The interpreter is present in the conference room alongside participants, taking notes and subsequently interpreting what is said in segments, working in both directions between the two languages. Consecutive interpreting is suited to official speeches, negotiations, meetings between experts, and technical visits since it necessitates no special equipment.


This is a form of simultaneous interpreting used only in specific circumstances. The interpreter sits next to the customer (up to two listeners maximum), and interprets proceedings for them in a whisper, translating their contributions out loud for the other participants if necessary.

L&T interpreters

  • all have university degrees in language studies ;
  • have longstanding experience in various fields ;
  • are especially acknowledged in their primary field of expertise : rail transport ;
  • ensure absolute confidentiality in all their assignments ;
  • have English, French and German as their main working languages.

Other languages may be catered for by calling on our trusted network of conference interpreting professionals.

Get in touch and we will find the best solution to your needs together : or +33 (0)