• Specialist skills/technical expertise
  • Quality control
  • Confidentiality
  • Price quote
  • Delivery on time

Translation is a skill and a good translation should be fluent and natural, while conveying the precise detail, sense und formatting of the original text.

That is why all our translators

  • are chosen among our in-house staff whenever possible,
  • work into their native languages only,
  • have university degrees in language studies from recognised institutions,
  • specialise in all areas of rail transport,
  • are in close contact with the engineers and technical experts at UIC,
  • use consistent and specific terminology thanks to our termbase and translation memory software.

During busy periods or for requests concerning languages other than English, French and German, we have a trusted network of independent translators who all have longstanding experience in railway translations.

We can thus always offer you quality technical translations.